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Happiness : An Inside Job

07864-happiness-is-an-inside-job-6If true happiness and fulfillment derived from having possessions or money, then I know some people who aught to be the happiest. But With all the wealth and possessions they still live in lack and want for something more.

You ask how do I know that? Why will a boss rape/molest his secretary? why will a president have an affair?

why will a man or woman with a wife/ husband and children cheat? why will they resort to pedophilia and rituals?

why will they spend all their money on counselors, psychiatrists, drugs? etc

happyThe greatness/strength/well being/life of a man does not consist only in the things he has, your happiness is  much more dependent on how much you are able to give satisfaction to others with what you have. There is a joy that comes only from within as a result of living out of the essence of who you really are.

Giving is a sacrament that goes along way to curb our selfish ambitions and desires reminding us of the greater truth;the purpose of our existence.

So when next your mind or peers whisper and tell you you are over giving your time,talents,resources,etc for the good of others,that is the time to give even more! It brings satisfaction and joy that cannot be explained,you can only experience it!

happy3It is not your possessions that make you prosperous, your prosperity is tied to the prosperity of your soul. When your mind prospers it is a matter of time before your body and your hands  start prospering.

A prosperous mind is a deposit of treasures yet unknown to men.

Invest in feeding your spirit and your mind and it will reflect in your hands and body.

Find joy within and let your light so shine that all may see!

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