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3D-ChristmasA very wise man know and love once said ‘where the purpose of thing not known, abuse is inevitable’

That got me thinking on the reason for everything! One of them why do we really celebrate Christmas?

The festive season called Christmas is said to be one of the most active and busy season worldwide: be it in markets, homes, airports, hotels, restaurants, you name it!

Businesses thrive at this season maybe because like some say, it has become a tradition or even an obligation to reach out to someone this season. Parents, friends, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives.. Are on a search for what they can offer their loved ones.

Interesting enough it is a season where the so called ‘poor people’ can also afford to feast and celebrate with things and ways they normally would never go in for finance wise! That’s another thought for another day!

Many say Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, others a time to celebrate and unite with the family, some a period of vacation and rest from hard work, some a period of introspection and forecast..

Whatever the reasons, they all seem to agree on the fact that it is a period during which love and sharing is predominant.

I agree with them on that but am wondering what happened during this period, and what is the impact on humanity and us today?

nativity-scene1Why was Jesus born? An answer to this question will better permit us appreciate and celebrate Christmas.

Let me take us to what this wise man I love so much said about this season in his Christmas address; he said the incarnation of Jesus Christ marked the actualization or self-revelation of God to man as man! By implication man could now touch, feel, know, relate with the all-knowing, all mighty and all powerful God in the person of Jesus Christ!

The incarnation and virgin birth of Jesus in a time where the Jewish people were under Roman tyranny, when all hope was lost and despair loomed everywhere, God was conceived in the womb of a 15year old virgin. As if the tyranny was not enough, Mary a virgin engaged to be married had to explain how she conceived a baby… Think about it!

That again is another thought but finally Jesus is born. And everywhere in the world, people went about their daily activities and nothing seemed or indicated the arrival of God himself to earth as Man!

That my friends marked the turn in history, and civilization! The events surrounding this birth indicated one thing that God was and is still maneuvering history and he is using every and any condition!

Conditions? Yes remember Jesus was a ‘bastard child’ and to add salt on injury he had to tell and convince the world he is the son of God! How difficult can it get than this?

But what I am saying is this, we seem to have lost sight of Jesus and why he came and have focused on the gifts giving and dramas on a fragile babe born that cold winter night.

christmas-wallpaper-560It is important to celebrate the birth of Jesus don’t get me wrong, a wise woman I know said ‘if you are too big to celebrate the birth of Jesus, then you are too small for his appearing’

But Jesus is not a babe in a manger anymore, he is seated in heavenly places at the right of the Father!

Christmas is not primordially the buying and sharing of gifts but a period of reflecting on the ultimate gift.

I conclude with this definition of Christmas by the wise man I told you I love and admire. He said ‘Christmas is the birth of the Newman as defined by Christ’

As we celebrate this mystery of the incarnation, let us ponder on why Jesus came, what he did and what it means and how it applies to us!

He is alive and dwells in us all.

Merry Christ in you to you and all your own!

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