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Gratitude for everything

gratitude-happiness-2I don’t know if like me, you have had for the most part of your life neglected most if not everything around you. Living a life where you always are in expectation of something better to happen tomorrow, to the extent that you forget and fail to see the wonderful things and people, God has so graciously gifted you with.

Personally I have spent a lot of time looking at “bigger and important” things and I failed for the most part to appreciate the beautiful gifts of life. Many of you reading this might attest to this; that we take for granted the family, friends, children, husbands, wives, colleagues, acquaintances, etc we have been privileged to have. We assume most of the time they know that we care about them and that God knows our hearts. This in itself is not wrong but it is not sufficient.

It is so easy to lose sight of the little things that God sends our way , just because we are so caught up in our expectations of perfection that we fail to see the  though not perfect but important gift God has given us.

Gratitude-rockDr Shawn Smith recently said something that got me thinking “everything and everyone in your life is a gift from God”

I realized how passive i had been towards the people, opportunities etc that have been presented to me; rather I spent more time, looking at what is not working.

When was the last time you said in faith and with all sincerity I love and appreciate you, to your wife, husband, children, friends, mother, father etc?

It may seem so small but I can tell you it makes all the difference, as a personal brand consultant, I will say it is one of the aspects that make your brand stand out. Hand written notes for example, this is one of the ways to add a personal touch or “you” to your communication. Your audience or loved one will connect to a word you write out yourself than an impersonal gift of flowers, jewelry etc chosen and sent by your secretary for example.

Like Dr Shawn said and i quoted in my last post “if you put your heart in what you are doing with your hands, your heart will do what your hands can’t do”

Gratitude-and-happiness-The-link-based-on-neuroscience-720x380Let me tell you a story, true story; I have been wondering recently about someone so dear to me and how I was going to bridge the gap that had grown so wide between us because of neglect, but thanks to this consciousness, i sent a text message to that person in all sincerity appreciating them for the gift they are to me. Lo and behold before I knew it, a response of gratitude and appreciation as well came back.

This is not to say you must expect a response in return but gratitude for everything and everybody in your life will add more life to your years.

This is a little exercise we were given and I will also like to share it with you, take out time today and be thankful for everything in your life! EVERYTHING

Gratitude is our most appropriate response to the grace of God we have received!!!

Let me end by saying I am grateful you are reading this note and you are a part of my life!!!

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