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The pressure of Needs

preasureThe pressures of life as well as needs are unavoidable. They are part and parcel of everything we do and everyday life. We face pressures from relationships, society, the work force…

Each of these pressures then produces stress in our lives.

Suicides are increasing at alarming rates. French philosopher Jean Paul Sartre expressed the despair many feel when he wrote, “Now I know, things are entirely what they appear to be, and behind them there is nothing.”

Thousands of people feel like Sartre, the clinical psychologist and the high school boy. They feel that life is empty. Overpowered by the idea of “nothingness,” they kill themselves or seek escape through drug or alcohol addiction.

Things speak and call out to us from every direction and at every point. There comes a point where we just want to give up and say what will be will be.

That is the purpose of all these pressures; to bring you to a point where you can give up your life and destiny in the hands of fate.

Two reflections i will like to share with you:

A wise man once said “all the pressures you face in life all have one objective; to question your identity and sense of belonging

He said when you are assured of who you are and most importantly, whose you are, these pressures are mere illusions. When your origin and identity is not based on something or someone greater than yourself, your achievements, your qualifications or wealth, in the day of lack or adversity, you will succumb to the choices pressure will bring to you.

It usually comes with subtle, attractive and even appealing options but all things maybe permissible but not all things are useful or acceptable.

Like a child will wholeheartedly and effortlessly place his confidence and trust in his parents, so we must also in our daily living, place our trust in the higher powers, trusting and knowing that our strength and life derives from the invisible yet tangible source and it is that source that defines our reactions and response to situations.

 “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. Albert Einstein

The pressures, circumstances and situations we face are direct or indirect consequences of decisions we made earlier on. These decisions and choices we make guide our actions and these actions are the source of our experiences.

In the midst of a controversial or urgent situation what will determine the outcome, is the state of mind and consciousness.

The same level of thinking we had when the problem was created cannot be the same level of thinking that will solve the problem.

There must be a paradigm shift in the mind. If the mind set was accurate in the first place, the problem would not have been created. What you believe is a result of what you have consciously accepted as the truth, these beliefs have become the basis on which you react and respond in society and situations, and what you espouse as belief will inevitably become your experience in time!

Therefore, the pressures we face daily are just consequences of the paradigms we have adopted as a result of what we have believed and accepted as truth and reality.

What are you thinking about your life, job, children, business, colleagues etc, it will become your experience in time!

“As a man thinketh (believes, acknowledges) in his heart (mind) so is he”

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