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What defines You

cp_slideIt’s that time of the year again! We are running helter skelter, trying to ‘catch up’, some are trying to at least achieve something so they are not left out, other have completely given up. Maybe because they did not see what they envisaged at the beginning of the year come to pass. Other are busy apportioning blames: my family was not there for me, God let me down, no one loves me…

It is indeed that time of the year when all our fear of failure, worries about the future arise from within and is looking at us in face saying… Look at your life and evaluate the progress you have made!

When that happens, panic, doubt, complexes set it! Oh dear what am I going to do to make things work or at least better?

I wonder how many of us find ourselves in this situation year in year out??

After all the worrying which I must say adds nothing but stress to the already bad situation, we settle for New Year Resolutions!

I know it sounds soooo familiar, we all at one point in time made New Year resolutions; we broke the very next day!

We all are on a quest for the best life has to offer but what makes the difference between a truly successful person and one who is struggling, is the way they go about it.

For a very long if not the most part of our existence we have cleaved and held unto the belief that our performances in life determines how much we get out of life or how successful we become!

A very wise man I know defined belief systems as the awareness of the mind of itself, of its world, of the aspect cognitive processing. It is a structure of believing built in our consciousness. In other words it is what we are aware of at a personal level.

what-defines-youWe have been taught by everyone and everything around us that we must perform to make it to the top. I personally have nothing against work. I am of the school of thought that believe a workman is worthy of his wage, but contextually talking about Africa and the world at large, I have never know a set of Hard workers like the Africans. We are at it from dawn to dusk, many even die in the process leaving nothing to show for 30,40,50 years of labor…the average African Man by the age 40-45 is worn out both from fatigue and stressful living. Maximum input=minimum output!

This is the group to which majority in the world today belong. Hand to mouth generations. Talented, endowed, resourceful individuals we can even cite but no legacy, nothing to leave as posterity for the unborn generation

We find ourselves in an unending cycle and like this wise man I know once said insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results, we are gradually becoming the insane generation!

We keep doing the same things, same methods, same formulas that failed yesterday and we expect different results, some even go as far as say it is faith, I beg to differ it is presumption because faith has the object God as its focus while procrastination is faith in faith: the object is usually what we can do and not who we depend on!

Which brings me to my question: what defines you?


 Is it your ability, talents, performances, etc. or is it faith in Gods ability to use your ability to make you successful?

Self-reliance has proven to be very deceitful. Have you ever heard of this saying no man is an island? Well that is very true but not in the way many will think.

Let me illustrate with this example I got from this wise man I know.

When a manufacturer puts a product in the market he usually accompanies it with a manual. Without which it will be impossible to fully operate the product. In this manual he gives the guidelines and modus operandi of the product, once you buy and follow the instructions given, you can effectively us the product and get maximum output.

You do not need to think hard or labor or go an extra mile, you do not even need to want to try to believe or hope it is going to work! The moment you apply the instructions from the Manual, the response is automatic. The product functions.

The same principle applies in the inverse! You try to imagine and apply self-knowledge not in line with the logic of the manufacturer at the moment of manufacture; the outcome will be a disaster!

c095c0876bb650eb2ad93414bde10770Self-reliance, self-dependence, self, self, self has been the one problem we have had to face in our generations. The proof that it is failing us is everywhere on tv; so called rich and successful people dying from overdose, and other addictions, nations and governments out of selfish ambitions put in place by a selected few, are at each other’s throats and innocent victims are killed in their thousands, tribal, religious, ethnic conflicts on the rise because of a selfish ambition one person inculcated in others and it grew to a belief system!

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results at each time!

Am tired of a world where selfishness is reigning, tired to see an Africa full of potential but subjected to selfish motives and goals, tired of seeing religious, ethnic conflicts ravage lives in Africa every ten years!

We need a purposeful and identity conscious generation.

A generation that accepts that like the product, the have a manufacturer which has a manual and itinerary for their lives and they are willing to apply the logic of the manufacturer put in his Manual, irrespective of age,religion,race,sex,ethnicity etc.

A generation that is honest enough to say by ourselves we cannot find fulfillment, we need to cleave to the manufacturer.

At this period when people are doing a lot of introspection and pondering over their lives and achievements, anticipation the next phase, what will you say will define you: your performances or participation in the manufacturer’s finished operation for us?

The good news remains in the words of this wise man i know “even though it is true you are not where you want to be, you are not at least where you used to be”!

Am just thinking…

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  1. Insightful! It is rather a sad reality that some may never come to the point of embracing the true definition of themselves and simply not become approval-addicted. But when we do come to this point, how liberating it is!!

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