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You can’t eat your cake and have it too!

eat cakeSo am reading articles on a recent publication by a young lady on her affair gone bad and public with a married public figure. Mixed feelings from every angle, those who are partisans and those who are against.

And I got thinking, what did she really expect to come from this illicit affair with a married man. I have no intention of judging any situation or anyone but truth be told that was one BIG mistake.

Many of us young ladies are yet to wake from unrealistic dreams of already made Prince Charming or knight in shining armor.

What will make a young girl with all her potential settle for dating a married man?

I will tell you, it’s a quest for the unrealistic that will lead us down that path. We want a man who can make us comfortable, secured and someone we are not responsible for! We want the good life but let someone else pay for it after all it’s not for free!

When we get carried away by peer pressure or desires and quest for ‘things’ we are easy preys.

A virtues woman is one that is ambitious, creative, hardworking, productive, honorable, humble, and faithful. The pride of her family, community, and husband or children eventually.

A woman who based on an understanding of the power of the multi-tasking ability of a woman, can build her dreams from nothing but faith, focus, confidence, perseverance and hard work.

We are women with purpose and this purpose when fueled becomes the passion that drives us!

We can’t settle for less because we know there is much more and more importantly there is the original man meant for us. He may not be a refined public figure with an eight figured earning, or private jets and fleets of cars, but he is just right for us and he compliments and honors us!

Don’t be a victim of the immediate because change is the only constant there is! What you see today might not be tomorrow. 

Be careful of the decisions and choices you make today because they will determine and shape your tomorrow.

You may be wondering why I speak thus? Experience they say is the best teacher but I say there are some experiences that can be avoided.

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

You can’t eat your cake and have it too!

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