Embracing your Uniqueness

You are a grown up beautiful and enterprising young woman or man and still you can’t bring yourself to do what others of your age group do or follow the trends of that age group. When you look at yourself and look at others in your age group or milieu, you would seem out of place?

Trust me when I say I know what it feels like to think you are “different” from everyone else. I am not crazy about so many things, those most ladies my age would want to do or seek. Rather I will spend time working, researching, writing, encouraging others, putting together clothes and fashion accessories for others, helping others grow themselves and their businesses etc.  Am not saying it is bad to make up, shop, and cook. Far from it I would love to do them often also lol. What am saying is, those things don’t come naturally to me as much as they do to others so rather than try to fit in I will rather embrace what I am good at and made for.

There are a couple of things that have helped me better accept and embrace who I am and I will love to share them with you:


  • We were all created UNIQUE.

For every one of the over 7 billion people on the face of the earth, no two people have the same finger print. That is the greatest proof of your uniqueness. You don’t have to be like everyone else to feel good about yourself. God gave each of us unique and particular traits that correspond perfectly with what He has destined us to be so rather than struggle to want to be like others strive to nurture and embrace the unique characteristics that are true of you and the more you discover them the more confident you will be about yourself and your purpose. Knowledge of your uniqueness, identity and worth can only be found when you encounter the love of Christ. The more you learn to know Him, the more you get to know yourself and the more you know yourself, the more confident you will become.

  • Educate yourself.

Rather than spend time trying to fit in, I will advise to spend time educating yourself in the things that you love and will want to excel in. This will become your strength in future. It will also help fight insecurities built by what others think about you. The more acquainted you become with your true self and embrace it the more confident and productive you become. I have learnt people buy why you do the things you do and not necessarily the things you do. Learning and educating yourself so you can understand and embrace who you really are, will help you ascertain yourself and build confidence in others towards you. If you are not comfortable in yourself even if you were the most talented person, others will feel your insecurities and could lose confidence in your abilities.

  • Do the things you sincerely enjoy

Engage in the things that make you happy and bring fulfillment to you. Don’t indulge in things that will lead to low self-esteem or doubt about yourself. Do not try to please others and end up losing all the confidence or trust you have built in yourself. If spending time reading is what makes you happy, by all means indulge yourself! But so we don’t go to extremes make sure you give time to other things and people in your life so they don’t feel left out. Remember you deserve to be happy and doing things you enjoy will help you remember your value, that you are unique, special and worthy.

  • Dress for Yourself

Avoid dressing to blend in or impress those around you. Taking into consideration decency dress to reflect your personality. Do not dress to please others. Take into consideration your physical appearance, your geographical, professional and other environment and then choose clothing that reflect these but your personality as well. Like I said in all decency dress to be comfortable in yourself.

169503351e68f10aaddabc08142017deYour personality is what makes you different from everyone else. Embracing your uniqueness can:

     –  Boost your confidence

     –  It will make you happy

     –  It will minimize anxiety, worry, envy etc.

     –  It will help you reach your goals

     –   It will help you mature


Everyone has something about themselves they want to change. You may not realize it but changing things about yourself isn’t always the solution to achieving a happy or better life. They key to true happiness is embracing what makes you unique and live intentionally.

2 thoughts on “Embracing your Uniqueness

  1. This is where I found my catch “What am saying is, those things don’t come naturally to me as much as they do to others so rather than try to fit in I will rather embrace what I am good at and made for”

    It all starts with discovering the YOU in you, without which you will spend time trying to be someone else, squandering the unique chance of blessing the world and pleasing God with the you that you ought to be.

    Leila, your truly challenge me to be me.

    Thanks for sharing.

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