Build your Personal Brand on Linkedin with 5 Highly used Tips


If you’re just beginning to think about using online tools to showcase your personal brand on your business and social networks, begin with LinkedIn. Whether you are a freelancer, the head of a startup, or a recent college graduate trying to make your professional mark, personal branding is important. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring the opportunities that LinkedIn provides you in this area. If someone takes an interest in you, they will eventually find your LinkedIn profile.
Here are 5 generally accepted tips by experts on how you can go about building and leveraging your personal brand on LinkedIn.

Use a profile photo that represents not only your professional side but connects with the industry. Avoid the image of you hanging with friends and go for an image representing your involvement with the industry. Try to keep your branding images consistent across all of your online pages. This goes a long way towards ensuring that people remember you, and feel connected to you.


When someone first comes in contact with your profile, they will make an instant decision to keep reading – or pass on to the next profile – who is probably your competitor. Because of this, you need to focus on optimizing your profile to make it stand out.

Don’t simply throw together some biographical information. Take some time to write a thoughtful, attention getting, and interesting summary that truly represents you. You have the unique position of standing where you are today, seeing how you got there and focusing on where you are going. YOU get to create your narrative. You get to choose which jobs you put into your profile and which parts of those jobs to highlight. Everything you place onto your profile needs to be directed specifically towards the brand you are creating.

textgram_15017754303) GET RECOMMENDATIONS
What you say about yourself on LinkedIn is important. What other people say about you is 100x times more important. Reach out to your contacts, and ask for recommendations. Of course, you’ll want to be generous as well and reciprocate with sincere endorsements of your own. When you successfully complete a project, don’t be shy. Ask satisfied clients to connect with you on LinkedIn if they have not already, and give you their stamp of approval.

When it comes to building influence, there are fewer things on LinkedIn that are more important than getting recommendations from the right people. Remember that by being sincere and generous with your endorsements, you are more likely to be able to earn some of your own.

One of the best ways to build your networking potential and to find new business partners or employers is to write content on the subject matter you’re interested in. Don’t simply create your profile and leave it at that, participate! You can start by using LinkedIn publishing to write and share great content with your target audience. This is a great way to ensure continued interest, and to establish thought leadership. You should also share daily updates.
One great built in feature that LinkedIn has is that it will automatically inform your followers and contacts when you have posted new content.

You don’t always need to create content to boost your personal brand. If you read something that represents your brand well, even if you didn’t create it yourself, share it and like it. Others will see this. This can bring about new connections simply for leveraging the other content.

Branding on LinkedIn simply means knowing how to highlight what you have to offer. It doesn’t matter if you are in the beginning stages of your company, are just starting to take off or if you are a steam train and nothing can stop you from success. Boosting your personal brand on LinkedIn has nothing but good attached to it. By taking advantage of these tips, you’ll see not only increased interest in your account, but you’ll elevate your profile above the competition, which is something you need to reach your set goals.

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