What is Personal Branding?


Personal branding is based in authenticity. It is not a spin. It is not packaging and it’s definitely not about creating a false image for the outside world.

You need to know yourself I mean truly know yourself-to build your brand. That means you must get clear on your goals, values, passion, mission, strengths, differentiation etc.

I hope you will enjoy getting to know the brand called you.

I used to think of brands only in terms of companies and businesses, but when I studied the history and evolution of the concept, I realized it has always been first linked to people before companies.

Many companies before now were named after the founders and the core values and principles governing the business were those of the founders. You could see their personalities expressed and experienced through the company’s culture. Things began to shift to a much more impersonal form with the advent of partnerships and mergers, until Tom Peters wrote the famous article The Brand called you in the 80’s.

Getting clear on your personal brand requires focused introspection and uncensored external feedback.

The sad truth in today’s market place is it’s tough to stand out. Good grades in themselves wont guarantee that you’ll land the job of your dreams (not to say good grades aren’t important) The secret to standing out is to impress with unique and authentic you- in person, on paper or online.

So, what is your personal brand?

It is your reputation

It is your calling card

It is what you are known for and how people experience you

It is about bringing who you are to what you do and how you do it.

Delivering your brand clearly and consistently will create a memorable experience in the minds of those you interact with.

What makes the personal branding journey a unique experience is that it is an opportunity to get in touch with and learn more about the real you so, you can identify your unique skills, strengths and talents. Tap into your values and passions to find your purpose.

I will like to hear from you. What is your definition of Personal branding and how has it helped you?


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5 thoughts on “What is Personal Branding?

  1. Hiya Nora! Am glad you found this helpful. Am sure you will get to find the heart of you and it’s simply going to be amazing!
    Thx for following and sharing 🙂
    Cheers to your branding success!

  2. Really love the questions at the end as personal branding is my next mole hill to conquer. As a multi creative and yoga teacher I don’t fit into any one box or niche nor do I want to. BTDT. I am my brand. Key words that describe my brand: integrity, commitment to excellence, stubbornly optimistic 😁

  3. I heard from Tracy Reid of Hay House that YOU are your brand. You should brand yourself. When I first started out I closed myself in, in a way, as just a photographer. I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do but I knew I had to at least get my photos out there. I branched out after that being a writer and using my words and photography to heal in turn creating an inspiration spiritual healing business. I am a creative spiritual healer and artist who wants to inspire the world.

    1. Tracy Reid is so right , you are.
      Am glad you have journeyed to this point of knowing who you really are.

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