Why You Need a Personal Brand as a Small Business Owner.

Branding applies to businesses and people alike. If you’re a small business owner, crafting a personal brand is an important piece on the way to long-term success. You need to be honest about whose attention you’re trying to get, what your natural style is, and the story you’re trying to tell.

Why you may ask?

  • A personal brand makes a small business accessible.
  • It makes the business memorable and discoverable.
  • It puts a face to a name and affords different promotional opportunities.

Emphasizing who you are, what your personal brand stands for, and how you’re distinctive from your competition is a solid foundation for your business growth. While there are similarities between business and personal branding, there are five essential components to establishing a strong personal brand.

A unique selling proposition
While not a tangible product, your unique selling proposition or point (USP) is what sets you apart from your competition. You, as a brand, represent something different in the marketplace. To successfully brand yourself, you must be clear on your unique selling proposition.
To clarify your USP, ask yourself these three questions:
Who is your audience? What problem are you trying to solve? How do you distinguish yourself from the competition?

A professional website
Much like your headshot, prospective customers frequently visit websites before engaging with a business or brand. While your small business likely has a phenomenal website of its own, if you’re promoting a personal brand, you need a website, too! Consider colors, tone, imagery, font choices; the list goes on and on.

Active presence on social media
Social media marketing is for small businesses, and for a personal brand, social media lends itself perfectly to crafting your desired image. Having active accounts on RELEVANT social media platforms allows you to interact and impact your target audience. Your followers can become familiar with your tone, values, and unique selling proposition without engaging with your small business.
For credibility purposes, try to have the same username across platforms. This helps build recognition and increases the chances of people following you across various media. If you open social accounts, set a regular posting schedule so your accounts are active. Only commit to as many social media accounts as you can realistically manage.

A great headshot
Associating a person or face with a brand instantly brings the business to life as it is relatable and becomes tangible to its audience. Have a professional headshot taken and made available for any event advert, promotional items, guest speaking opportunities, and even your social media profile pictures.
It makes you accessible to your audience and fosters the feeling that you’re alive and responsive to your customers.

Loads of business cards
Your personal brand needs business cards! Don’t be fooled by how digital the world has become. A business card is an important brand asset. They’re easy to carry, are tangible reminders of an encounter, and include all of your relevant contact information.
For a great business card, have its design fit with the rest of your brand offerings. Incorporate your logo and brand colors so the card seamlessly coordinates with your website and any other marketing materials you produce. Again, add your style to the card so it represents you and your personal brand.

As a small business owner, your business is part of your personal brand. With these tools, you are well on your way to increasing credibility and authority without your industry.

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14 thoughts on “Why You Need a Personal Brand as a Small Business Owner.

  1. Nice to meet you and your blog. Branding is something that I have embraced since many years I first started my textiles art business and had a unique business card that you just reminded me about- everyone kept them as they were so unique. I may just bring the idea back as i am bringing my art back into my brand . xx

    1. Please do bring it back😊 the more I learn about it the more I realise it’s an important aspect of our lives. Thanks for commenting

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