We live in a fast lane world where everything is going at the speed of light. No one has the time anymore to idle about or waste. We are all running helter skelter trying to meet up goals, dreams, ambitions we have set for ourselves.
In as much as we try to meet up we seem to be falling back and situations for the most part get out of hands!

How many of us can count the number of times we thought we almost got it and then suddenly…BAM, everything crumbled! We are back to square one!
This is the rhythm that has set in, in our world today and many are living with an  I almost got it or a one day i will attitude!
Attitude! that’s what am think about; a Wise Man I know, love and esteem once said ‘your response to the circumstances in your life are more important than the circumstances themselves’
Situations and circumstances are inevitable he said but our response and attitude towards the situation is a choice we can and must make!

Changing your thoughts can change the way you feel.

There is a saying that goes ‘two wrongs can’t make a right’ negative response to negative situation equals negative outcome, no more no less.
We are the masters of our own destinies and we have received from God this wonderful apparatus called the mind with limitless abilities.

The attitude of the mind is important because where the mind goes the man follows.
Attitude is our response, thought pattern built as a result of the knowledge we possess of ourselves and our environment.
What we perceive and are conscious of inevitably become our experience in life! Take a moment and reflect, where you are in life right now, the people you know, you once thought and accommodated them, as such they have become your present reality.
What are you thinking about now with regards to the situation you are facing? Are you focusing on how bad things are, how helpless you are, how unfortunate you are, how the bank is going to come on you, how your family hates you…
We have unfortunately, shifted the responsibility of making choices in our lives on others, some of us to parents, spouses,siblings,teachers,doctors,employers,pastors etc we want others to take the responsibility of choosing so we can apportion blames later on when things go wrong.
But the opposite is true as well, have you ever heard of ‘as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he?’ The predominant thoughts of our minds are the experiences of our lives in time. The content of our minds will inevitably flow out as experiences in our lives.

What are thinking about? You need to catch yourself thinking, and think about the things you are thinking’
The human mind has a natural inclination towards evil and will first accept as true the negative, it is up to us to train our minds to think good, acceptable and perfect thoughts! The prosperity of the mind is one of the most powerful forms of prosperity, not material prosperity.
You think like a mediocre person, you will live like one
Think like a grasshopper, u will eat the leaves
Think poor, u live poor!

While reading an article by Ken Wert  10 ways to think yourself happy, i came out of it with these six ways i believe are practical and very efficient:


Choose your thoughts; don’t let them choose you! Think with purpose and direction, with a plan in hand and a destination in mind. The more thought you put into the things in your life that matter most, the more effective you will likely be at creating the life you would love to live. Lazy, wandering daydreaming leads to nothing but less time to do what can lead to amazing opportunities. A mind left to wander on its own often gets filled with thoughts that pool at the lowest points of the moral landscape. Instead, learn to choose what you will think about. Fill your amazing mind with amazing ideas. And then think creatively about them.


We are indwelled by the creator of all things. We can think small, angry, self-serving thoughts that are cynical, lustful, prideful, fearful, boastful, resentful, condemning, judging, greedy, shrinking thoughts. Or we can think with and about thoughts of  honor and love and graciousness and humility and forgiveness and gratitude and faith and trust. You  decide which list of thoughts will produce a happier life. Thinking kind thoughts about people, for example, simply feels so much better than thinking hateful or critical thoughts about them.  It serves us nothing, but to damage our relationships and the sense that our existence makes the world a better place. Its like drinking poison an expecting another person to dieSo stop the gossip. Stop the backbiting. And learn to see the best in others, to wish the best for others, to think the best about others. You do, after all, hope others will do as much for you!


Developing a good sense of humor is essential to happiness. Laughter is truly the best medicine to a melancholy life, especially when life throws you  sour grapes.  Its important to be able to find the humor in life’s challenges and missteps and not taking yourself too seriously. Learn to laugh at yourself and at your own idiosyncrasies and shortcomings. You will feel the happier for it!


Things of the mind tend to grow larger with focus and attention – and our problems are just all too willing to accommodate that fact. So starve your problems and feed the growth of solutions to them instead.

Rather than worrying about your difficulties which is meditation in the inverse, spend your time and energy thinking of possible solutions to the difficulty you are having instead.Betterstill think of ways to prevent the potential problem from ever developing.

Happy people are solution-oriented. Unhappy people are problem-oriented. Change that orientation and more happiness will be yours for the picking!


Cheating on your spouse with the secretary for example is more immediately pleasurable than the necessary work of renewing a neglected marriage. The party tonight is more enjoyable than the hours needed to prepare adequately for the exam tomorrow. Eating the box of donuts now is more rewarding this moment than reeducating your palate and eating the quality food that will prolong a healthier, more rewarding life of energy, stamina and mental acuity.

But all such short-term thinking, under the pressure and the pull of immediate gratification, comes at a great cost to future happiness. Instead, learn to delay short-term satisfaction for the much bigger long-term rewards.


Limited and limiting thinking produces limited and limiting results. Some people wait for life to happen to them. They check their daily lucky numbers and review their horoscopes to determine their course of action that day. Others decide what they want out of life and create opportunities that provide it. Some think fear and caution. Others think possibility. Some ask “Why?” Others ask “Why not? And why not now? And why not me?” Some wonder why things just never quite work out for them. And others wonder what they can do next to step that much closer to the vision they have of a life they are willing to create.

I do not permit people, temporal situations and circumstances determine who I am. I cannot make life lasting decisions based on temporal occurrences. It’s not because I do not have money in my pocket now that I say I am a poor person. Attitude!!
I may not be where I want to be but at least am not where I used to be“! 

I choose to think myself Happy, strong,prosperous,sound in body, soul and Spirit, favored by all, loved beyond measure, cherished,accepted,blessed,gifted,beautiful,endowed,efficient,effective… and you?

Attitude determines Altitude!

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22 thoughts on “I THINK MYSELF HAPPY

  1. Appreciating your gentle reminder, “THINK FUNNY
    Developing a good sense of humor is essential to happiness. Laughter is truly the best medicine to a melancholy life, especially when life throws you sour grapes. It’s important to be able to find the humor in life’s challenges and missteps and not taking yourself too seriously. Learn to laugh at yourself and at your own idiosyncrasies and shortcomings. You will feel the happier for it!”

    People often laugh at parts of my presentation when I speak–I just seek to know how to do it intentionally…or maybe I can’t. Food for thought.

    1. Hahaha I think it’s just a part of you Lore. I think it come naturally to you especially when you can’t figure out how you do it. Sometimes we have to learn not to take ourselves too seriously. Thank you Lore!

  2. Love this … I see things in terms of frequency and vibration. When we take our challenges and raise our vibration circumstances shift. Thank you for sharing such wisdom

  3. I love the encouragement to think purposefully. No doubt our minds can go in many directions and intentionally directing it to amazing ideas, elevated thoughts, humor, creative solutions, the infinite possibilities and a systemic approach will empower us for sure. Thank you so much!

    1. This helps rid us of some wrong choices and decisions right? It’s worthless making per Enang decisions over temporal circumstances hahaha. ThNk you Sherry for reading😊

  4. Great advice and reminder! I remind myself often that the space between my ears is my mental and (as a result) emotional real estate. I owe it. Each of these is a great strategy to weed my mental garden and seed more and more happiness. 🙂 Thank you!

  5. The more we focus on positive, uplifting thoughts, the better we get at catching ourselves when we’re thinking something negative and replacing it with something better. Great post!

  6. Great list Leila, I love the recommendation to think funny! With all of life’s struggles and curve balls, a sense a humor and laughter can take us a long way,

  7. Wonderful reminders for thinking happy! I giggled when I read, “I may not be where I want to be but at least am not where I used to be!” Life is an amazing adventure and thank goodness I’m not where I used to be.

    Thank you, Leila, for sharing your insights and wisdom. Many blessings to you.

    1. When my thoughts begin straying, I catch myself thinking and I remind myself I am definitely making progress because am steps away from where I was yesterday. This keeps me going. Thank you for taking time to read Cindy😊

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