Defining you Personal Brand purpose.

Purpose-driven branding, while not new, has taken on new significance in this era of anxious consumers–not to mention anxious employees. We no longer focus simply on what promise you make, but what purpose do you serve, to your clients and consumers, and then. Bring this purpose to life through every experience your consumers have of you or your services. When you can answer the question “Why am I here?” in a clear and authentic way, everyone benefits.

so let’s delve into that and find out what brand purpose entails;


As I looked to articulate my purpose, I looked at the moments of pure joy for myself. These moments were during the conversations I had with people, when I helped someone get better and more confident. I also experienced the challenges that many women faced in expressing their authentic leadership. This is part of what led me to choose to start a company in coaching and consulting, focused especially on women. I want to help professionals, entrepreneurs, startups, job seekers … be more aware of who they are, help them be conscious in their actions – so we create business and choose careers that make a big difference In the community.

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13 thoughts on “Defining you Personal Brand purpose.

  1. Such an important statement: “As I looked to articulate my purpose, I looked at the moments of pure joy for myself…” I will be pondering this as I continue my 2018 Planning for my business and myself. I’ll be asking, “Does this activity give me joy?”

  2. Your statement, “As I looked to articulate my purpose, I looked at the moments of pure joy for myself”, is powerful. Thank you for inspiring us to listen inward when evaluating our purpose-driven branding. You are making a difference in the lives of many!

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