When it comes to personal branding, I always say it is 80% internal and 20% external. For many entrepreneurs especially those who are multi-passionate,choosing how to brand themselves is usually a great dilemma.

As a business owner, you often hear that you need to focus. You need to pick one specific niche that you can totally own. I strongly believe this and preach it as well.

BUT, I have to admit that for the multi-passionate entrepreneur (especially one who’s just starting out), this advice can be limiting.

So, How do you choose what to focus your brand around when you have many different interests?

You don’t have to choose.

Instead of trying to choose one passion to focus on, instead try choosing one predominant theme to focus on.

Branding doesn’t have to square-peg you. In fact, it is a very effective tool to provide you with the space you need to explore your interests and evolve over time.

And how do you do that ?

By building your brand around YOU.

Many entrepreneurs are searching for this one link that’s going to blend all their interests together into one beautiful package.They look for this in the right brand name or  tagline and they usually end up frustrated in their pursuit. Why? Because they’re looking for the answer outside when they should be looking inside.

YOU are the Connection

YOU are the one who is passionate about these different interests and since you are not willing to sacrifice any of them to focus your brand on just one,the question then is this:

What is that thing in YOU that finds each of these things interesting?

What quality or desire or belief IN YOU relates to all those things?

For example, let’s say you’re a journalist and an artist. You are a fantastic broadcaster but you also enjoy making music and you’re wondering how those two things fit together under one brand? Do I make my brand about journalism or Music?

The answer is none of them. Your business isn’t really about being a journalist or a musician. Those are merely instruments you use to give something much more deeper to the world.

Probably you love both because they allow you to express yourself and be of service to others.

Uncovering those deeper insights in YOU will allow you create your brand around a common theme, not just one interest. Maybe your brand is about  sharing , serving and bringing change by means of communication.

In the case of my business, I had absolutely NO idea what I wanted my business to evolve into when it started and I still am figuring out the finer details as I progress. But I knew I wanted to help people stand out and be visible.

One thing I knew for sure was that I didn’t want to change the name or branding of my business every time as I experimented with the direction of my business.

I knew I had to create something that was flexible.

I asked myself:

  • What is the connection between all of the things that I love?
  • What really moves me about the work that I do?
  • If I had to boil down all the things that light me up into one single deep underlying purpose, what would it be?

Hence the name KARA which speaks of joy and satisfaction from living a fulfilled life.

I love the fullest expression of things. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the potential of someone or something fully realized, fully expressed. And my business and brand are based on that foundation.

Whether it’s helping someone build a personal brand that fully expresses their vision or whether I’m blogging about my journey to being the fullest expression of myself — it’s all about the same thing dee,p down. It’s about aligning reality with a vision. Living authentically, passionately, purposefully and confidently.

My brand no longer limits me; it actually inspires me because I can see and express my mission everywhere.

If you’re a multi-passionate entrepreneur,I encourage you to stop focusing on the WHAT and start focusing on the WHY. Simon Sinek in his book “Start with Why” says people are inspired by a sense of purpose (or “Why”), and that this should come first when communicating, before “How” and “What”. Sinek calls this triad the golden circle, a diagram of a bullseye (or concentric circles or onion diagram) with “Why” in the innermost circle (representing people’s motives or purposes), surrounded by a ring labeled “How” (representing people’s processes or methods), enclosed in a ring labeled “What” (representing results or outcomes).

Keep challenging yourself to go deeper and you will find the thread that you’re looking for because it exists in YOU.

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18 thoughts on “MULTI-PASSIONATE ENTREPRENEUR; How to Brand Yourself.

  1. I love this perspective of branding Leila and these fabulous clarifying questions:
    What is the connection between all of the things that I love?
    What really moves me about the work that I do?
    If I had to boil down all the things that light me up into one single deep underlying purpose, what would it be?
    Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom and insight!

    1. Appreciating: “I asked myself:

      What is the connection between all of the things that I love?
      What really moves me about the work that I do?
      If I had to boil down all the things that light me up into one single deep underlying purpose, what would it be?”
      Your blog are always so content rich,

  2. I love this and exactly what I am doing now and just today wrote out a new vision that focus on I suppose what i see my mission is. After struggling for years trying to work out do i do art . LOA abundance self love I came to realise that who I be incorporates all of that as well as my products under the umbrella of Suzie doing what makes my heart sing while inspiring and empowering others. That was a bit of a ramble xo

  3. As a multi creative i’ve always struggled with branding because of the message to focus on one thing. I have 3 side gigs: yoga teacher, crocheter, artist and I just started making jewelry from my paint pours. For now I decided to not worry about it. To keep creating, designing, and teaching and the branding will come.

    1. Indeed Peggy it will come. m loving your creativity.
      As a multi creative person too, I truly understand the dilemma many can face. One of the main reasons I pursue personal and not product branding because what matters most is YOU. The products are creative ways of expressing you.

  4. I love your point of view. As a spiritual director and artist I am focusing on spirituality informed by creativity and service. I began my business in 2011 and it took me a few years to figure out who I was in it. This comes the closest.

  5. This have thought me alot .thanks very much
    Your branding lessons are really helpful and it makes me love what i do each day

  6. Wow. I always thought I was odd and looking at boost I could be passionate about many things and could not do just one. I became lost and I tried to instead narrow my skills and kill someone of my passion.
    Going thru this material has enlightened me to look deeper.thank you

    1. hiya Franka!
      am so glad this helped you.
      it is such a relief when we discover we can explore all the passions we have and channel them for an authentic purpose.

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