Social Entrepreneurs; Why they need to have great personal brands.

Social entrepreneurs are people who use all the resources at their disposal to solve community and world problems. They aim to, ultimately remake our world, redress the damage done in the past, and/or leave a healthier planet for the next generation. Social entrepreneurs recognize that we are all part of a mutually dependent globally community whose best interests are served by also serving the needs of others.

Many social entrepreneurs don’t think of themselves as a brand and would rather people focus on their cause. However, successful fundraisers understand that most people make donations to organizations that have leaders that they perceive as trustworthy. No one is willing to give to a cause whose leader they don’t trust. as such your personal brand is very important to the success of your cause or organisation.

Here are some reasons why social entrepreneurs need to have great personal brands:

Makes you more accessible
Social entrepreneurs must be accessible first for the individuals and community that they serve, and secondly for the well-wishers and donors that support their organisation. Accessibility becomes even more important if you are a serial social entrepreneur you should have a personal website for example, because it will provide a centralized location for all your initiatives and facilitate contact.

Social media increases influence and trustworthiness
People form relationships with people. People buy from people they know, like, and trust. (Simon Sinek) For a social entrepreneur to achieve the mission of their cause, others must invest their time and/or money to support them. Many people like to verify that the person leading the cause is trustworthy and credible before they commit resources. I know a good number of such entrepreneurs who through the use of social media they have increasing awareness and funding for their empowerment movement. I encourage you to visit their pages.

Olutosin Oladosu Adebowale, A self-taught quilter, social entrepreneur, citizen journalist, activist, and femtor. with a message to End Violence Against Women. (

Sophie Ngassa Fon Nsoh, a passionate STEM Advocate/Instructor at CYEED, a Digital Empowerment Training Center for Youth especially girls. (

Sally Mboumien , CEO/FOUNDER of COMAGEND (Common Action for Gender Development).A social activist  at out to uphold women and girls’ sexual and reproductive rights.(

Nakinti Besumbu Nofuru, Founder & CEO at Rescue Women, a community based organization/NGO that strives to identify injustices against women, and then advocate for women’s rights. (

Chi Yvonne, Africa lead at World Pulse and  founder of Gender Danger, a non-profit organization for victims of gender based violence in Cameroon, working to fight Breast Ironing.(

Yensi Helen Jokem, Gender Rights Activist, Youth and Women Empowerment Advocate and Chief Executive Officer at The Hope Center with a mission to break the silence and cycle of abuse caused by domestic violence thereby – rehabilitating victims of domestic violence. (

Susan Linda Stasi,CEO & President at Rose Academies, with a mission to educate and inspire Deaf and disadvantaged children in the Sub Sahara by providing the educational tools designed to encourage literacy, creativity and academic achievement.( etc

By maintaining a trustworthy image on digital media, people support their cause because social media advertises their actions as dedicated and passionate advocates for causes

By integrating personal and professional content on social media, social entrepreneurs not only develop a personal brand online, but also give people a holistic perception of who they are as an individual. It will make it easier for their peers, colleagues, and clients to establish trust, connection, and an authentic relationship. Social entrepreneurs, who have personal brands that are more trustworthy than those who don’t, make people significantly more likely to, metaphorically and literally, invest in them and help them achieve their goals.

A positive presence increases fundraising opportunities
One of the most important reasons why social entrepreneurs should build and maintain their personal brand is because having a positive on and offline presence helps increase the amount of funding they can get. All social entrepreneurs need capital in order to be able to do what they aspire to do, and since most cannot arrange all of the required capital themselves, they must try to gather capital to fund their cause. Fundraising is essential to the sustainability of any social entrepreneurial venture. The majority of social entrepreneurs already possess characteristics of a good fundraiser such as: passion, commitment, strategic, innovative, vigilant, and optimistic.  Another important attribute of successful fundraisers is having a presence or the ability to command attention and being respected as a professional. Personal branding, specifically your image and online presence, can help position yourself to appear more confident and knowledgeable to donors and potential donors.

Personal branding is about sharing your vision. It is using public relations, social media, and professional relationships to share your story and accomplish your mission to help and serve others. These are all things that some successful social entrepreneurs do and as a result it has helped them make a huge impact in our communities.

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8 thoughts on “Social Entrepreneurs; Why they need to have great personal brands.

  1. Great advice for those who don’t think about branding their efforts or social media as a means to gain more support. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!

  2. Yup, I agree, it is specially important to social activist to have an image that can attract attention, support and opportunities to promote the very important issues that they are committed to.

  3. Wonderful article full of helpful pearls of wisdom. I like your sentence, “Personal branding is about sharing your vision.” YES! That’s very true. Thank you for sharing your insights.

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