5 Personal Branding Tips for the creative Entrepreneur (+Free Check List)

There’s been quite a bit of talk for a while now about creating ‘your personal brand’ and creative entrepreneurs are not left out.Many creative artists resist  this concept.They feel it’s far too constraining to define themselves by a label such as a rock singer. It is helpful to define what we actually mean by ‘your personal brand’.

Let me assure you that if you are currently promoting yourself in any way you are already creating a particular image and personal brand.

Your personal brand is not just what you do. It’s not confined to the name of your band or what is written on your business card. It’s much, much more.

Your personal brand is about you as a unique individual (or group in the case of a band).  It is what makes you the artist you are . How you conduct yourself, your unique story or message, the image you project, your values, your beliefs and so on. It’s about how you stand out. It’s your uniqueness or your point of differentiation.

Think of singers for examples with a strong sense of branding. Charlotte Dipanda,Grace Decca, Manu Dibango, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars. Each of them local or international, has a distinct image, message and personal brand.

It is important to get clear on how you want to project your image to the wider world. What message you want to convey.

Astrid Baumgardner, JD, PCC a professional life coach and lawyer wrote and i quote.

” If you perceive yourself as just one of hundreds of talented musicians, it is easy to feel discouraged from pursuing the career of your dreams. This is where having a brand can help turn your career around. Once you see yourself as unique, it reduces the pressures of competition because you know that you have something special to offer. It is the start of trusting your gift. The same holds true when you know why are you are the ideal person to satisfy the needs of your target audience. If you truly believe that you are the best person for that audience, it reinforces your uniqueness.

Many musicians today are eager to shake up the world of music and do something out of the box in their career. How they succeed depends on their knowing what specifically makes them great and then identifying the audiences that will appreciate their unique offering. Here are two examples;

One musician wants to create intimate music festivals. Audiences and performers  interact through pre-performance discussions and post-performance receptions. He brings his excitement, focus and leadership to open-minded, engaged and curious audiences in order to create a memorable experience for them.

Another musician  shares his music through private home concerts.  He plays his favorite repertoire and shares his insights about the music so that his listeners feel an emotional connection to the music. His unique contribution is to give his audience exclusive access to an updated “salon” experience that few that music lovers today ever get to experience.”

How can having a brand help boost your professional artistic career?

Having a brand helps you define your career objectives. 

Having a brand also helps you work smarter, not harder. Your efforts are focused on the specific audiences you want to attract.

How does an artist  create a strong and authentic personal brand?

1.    Be Real, Be Authentic

There is no point projecting an image or brand that is not you. A personal brand will define, express and communicate who you are. Your personal brand has to be believable. it isn’t a case of just wishing to be someone you’re not. But it can be about growing into the person (and brand) you want to be.

2.    Define Your Unique Style

Get clear on who you are as an artist. If you are unsure, it can be helpful to ask family and friends to describe your style. This feedback enables you to assess how you are presenting yourself as an artist and to make changes. If what you are projecting does not resonate with how you wish to be perceived  as an artist. Does this projection currently align with your values? Once you see yourself as unique, it reduces the stress associated with competitio

3.    Focus On Your Ideal Audience (Fan)

Having a defined personal brand helps you gain recognition for your talent.This happens by attracting your ideal fan. If you are a hip hop artist you can focus on reaching out to people who like hip hop. Your  efforts  will be wasted on communicating with people who love jazz music or makossa. Your ideal audience will respond positively to you because  your offer resonates with them.

4.    Craft a Consistent Personal Brand

Once you are clear on who you want to be as an artist, it’s time to establish a consistent public message. The most obvious way to do this is via your marketing channels. Choose colours and type fonts that convey your image and stick with these across all your marketing pieces.Be mindful of your message and use language that is authentic to your ‘voice’.

5.    Optimize Social Media to Reach a Global Audience

With amazing technology at our fingertips it’s easy to share  our unique art with our fans. Understanding your audience and more importantly what your audience wants, is key to building your brand and being successful.

With a strong personal brand, a strong and consistent online marketing presence targeting your ideal fan base, there is no reason why a talented artist can’t establish long-lasting and profitable relationships with fans across the globe.

Your personal brand can be a powerful manifestation of your values. It can keep you on track and help you align with your passion and purpose. A strong personal brand can inspire and motivate you to achieve your goals. It can delight your fans as they build connections with you and your art.

Most schools don’t offer courses on branding so how can you start your branding process? I have put together a free checklist to guide you.👇🏼

 checklist for creative entrepreneur


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