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How to find Your Passion (+ A free workbook)

Finding your passion is an adventure in itself.

This is true for me and for many people I have met. They have lots of questions and concerns, but their biggest struggle revolves around finding their passion. The preoccupation is usually where do I even start.

Sound familiar?

Finding your passion doesn’t happen in a day. It takes time, serious thought, effort and trial and error. The thing is you have to begin somewhere!

It is a journey I have been on for close to ten years. The more I find answers, the more Clarity I get. I am more fulfilled today and it only gets better by the day.

I am not saying it is so easy, neither is it so difficult. It is so possible.

That’s why we prepared this thought provoking free workbook how to find my passion work book. These questions I asked myself and also use during workshops. Download and let the journey begin. 

BUT you must know, these aren’t just mere questions,these are thought provoking starters.

Some of these you might be able to answer right away, others might really make you stop and think. In fact, your first thought might be, “I need more time to do this than I thought.” That’s OK, take all the time. This means you are willing to commit yourself more.

That’s exactly why we created this workbook how to find my passion work book. Come back to it when you have time for serious thinking.

Remember is that it’s OK if you don’t  know what you’re passionate about. What is important is constantly asking yourself questions. Many people like myself tend to forget that we actually did things we enjoyed. This happens when we don’t get the results we expected.

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Pay attention to the small things that make your heart sing–and do more of that.

Once you have the answers, you’ll be able to start making moves.

It is scary as long as it is just in your head. Trust me it gets easier when you take the first step.

Ultimately, the reward of this is huge. You live a life you Love.

So take it–today.

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