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Entrepreneurs should be very specific about who their ideal clients are how they want to serve with their work. This clarity will draw you to your ideal client and them to you.

Your ideal client is the one whose needs and wants are aligned with your purpose. The one who wants  what you want to create and the value you want to add.  The one who you know your business can deliver outstanding results for.

With an ideal client in mind you’ll be able to build what is called a persona. A detailed representation of this person that will help you get better at attracting and adding the most value to them.

If you are spending a disproportionate amount of time and effort trying to find customers for your business to no avail it is likely because you’ve missed this key step.

Clarifying who is the best fit for you and luring them in is a more effortless way to grow a six-figure business.  Desperately running after ill-fitted customers who won’t be loyal to you or evolve your business over the long run is a waste of time.


Contrary to popular advice, niche development starts with you, the entrepreneur, not the client. The preliminary work needed to determine your ideal client comes down to asking yourself a series of questions. Questions about what you want from your business.

When you have clarity and focus your business will effortlessly exude an aura that draws in and connects with the people who are the best fit. Your ability to make a reliable and consistent income depends on this authentic connection.

Here are some examples of questions you can ask yourself. They will help you articulate what you want out of your business and clarify your business mission:

What is your personal life vision and value set?

Brainstorm on What are you eager to give, design, develop, or create?

What is most fulfilling about the work you do?

Think of What excites you most about running your own business?

How do you want to impact or influence the world?

What do you believe you are the absolute best at?

Describe in detail your perfect work day.


Your niche clarifies who you are targeting so you can get better at sourcing, nurturing and closing the ideal client for your business.

Now that you know what you want from the business, it’s time to determine who your ideal client is so the process of attracting them is that much easier.

As mentioned, the persona is a detailed representation of your ideal client that you can write out and keep handy especially when making marketing decisions.

Here are some examples of questions to ask when crafting the persona for your business:

Where does my client live?

How old is my client?

What is my client’s gender?

Do I What is his/her profession?

Can I say What is their income?

What are their ideals?

Think About What goals does my client aspire to achieve?

What are some of their biggest fears and challenges?

Where would I find this client to position my products?

What do I want my ideal client to expect of me?

When answering these questions keep in mind the answers are ideals. You’ll have to make some generalization that may not all be true for all your actual customers.

However,I hope this helps you paint a better picture of the type of person you want to serve.


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  1. I snickered at myself when I read, “Desperately running after ill-fitted customers who won’t be loyal to you or evolve your business over the long run is a waste of time.” Been there, done that, purchased the postcard!

    Thanks for sharing your pearls of wisdom and insights. Great -and useful- information.

    1. Hahaha right? I so relate with that. I made a choice to look only for those who need my service and those I can serve.

    1. Perfect Barb. It’s often said your ideal client is usually someone like you or someone who is where you had been before the transition.

  2. I’ve got all my demographics, psychographics and everything else down to a pat for my Ideal Client, Leila and that keeps me on track from not running after the wrong type of people, who are wonderful but not my Ideal Clients. I find most of them are quite intelligent otherwise and usually drop off my subscriber list. At the end of the day, nurturing relationships with one’s avatar reaps big dividends when they are in a place where we can be of service.

  3. I went through this process when I created my online business and reviewed it a few times, it really helped me create a clientele that I love to work with and that loves to work with me. When I had my local business I attracted a lot of people who just wanted my services but didn’t want to pay.

  4. Thank you Leila!
    En lisant cet article,je me rends compte que j ai toujours su qui était mon idéal client mais j ai couru vers la masse et pour ne rien avoir de concret au final.
    Merci encore

    1. Superb Nicole.
      Je suis heureuse pour toi. Cest une des pas majeurs vers la reussit. Quand on arrive a cerner notre cible. Ca facilite notre demarche marketing et ca nous Donne plus de focus.
      Avec ca on peut tailler les strategies pour convenir au cible.

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