Six Benefits of Building your Personal Brand


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Personal branding has many benefits. When you master and control your narrative, you can determine how people see you.
This is different from corporate or business branding.Though it connects with your personal brand at many points, your personal brand is more about your personality, your hopes, your dreams, and motivations.It is the face behind your business.
Several  brands because of the need to add  ‘humanness’ to their brands use celebrity spokespeople to help spread their brands’ messages. Maybe you are not a celebrity, but you are a unique human being who has interesting stories to share and powerful knowledge to pass on to others who need it.
Personal branding has several benefits.

1. It increases your Visible Online.

When you engage in personal branding, you  become more accessible and more visible to your online audience. People can find you with a simple Google search or interact with you on your  social media channels.
Visibility is important when it comes to reaching your target audience. You want people to know why you are qualified to meet their needs. Becoming more visible is scary for many entrepreneurs. They feel exposed and worry about making a mistake that could hurt their reputations. The first step is to figure out what you want to share with your online audience.

2. It helps you  Leverage Your Network

As you grow your  brand, you equally develop an ever-growing network of people in your industry, potential customers, and existing customers. This network can become a huge asset when it comes to growing your business.
Having a network of people at your disposal is extremely valuable when you want to launch a new product or take your business in a new direction.
The more people are aware of your personal brand as well as your business, the more visible you’ll become in terms of your potential audience. People in your network will share your content with their own audiences, and this will spread your reach.

3. People will Identify you Personally

Personal branding doesn’t just have to help increase your visibility online. You’ll also become more recognizable in person.
When you attend in-person events ,you help promote your businesses and secure new clients. Making yourself more recognizable for personal branding can turn in-person events into excellent conversion machines.
You can maybe attend local events, conferences, and conventions.If you have written a book and you may want to host a book signing. Getting noticed in person can help you build your brand even further and make your business more profitable.

4. Your Business Will grow Stronger

Your personal brand can also benefit your business brand and vice versa. While they are two distinct entities, they will intersect naturally because you are in charge of your business. You can use what you’ve learned from business branding to inform your personal brand and to avoid making mistakes.

5. It will build your Confidence

Personal branding can be scary, as we mentioned above. You might feel vulnerable when you put yourself out there  and make yourself more visible to your target audience. As you get more comfortable with personal branding, you will find that your confidence rises. You won’t feel as anxious about sharing some personal details with your audience, getting in front of the camera, and other aspects of  personal branding. Plus, that confidence can stretch and other areas of your business.

6. Your Credibility Will Grow

Credibility is extremely important for every career or business person. The more credibility you have, the more likely people will be to invest in your services or products.
How do you build credibility? You share valuable,information-rich content with your audience.You use your personal brand to educate people who are interested in what you know and what you do.
It sounds easy, but it can be difficult when you don’t have a personal branding strategy. Once you know exactly what you want to share with your audience, you’ll find it easier to connect with people and to share your knowledge with the rest of the world.
It’s true that building a personal brand takes a lot of work. However, the fruits of your labor can far outweigh the amount of time and energy you’ve expended on your personal brand. When people know who you are and trust you, your goals become more feasible. You can sell more products, services, attract more clients, gain more participants in your events etc.
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8 thoughts on “Six Benefits of Building your Personal Brand

  1. I sincerely believe we are all “unique human being who has interesting stories to share and powerful knowledge to pass on to others who need it.” I was always one to be on the quiet side. I didn’t open up as much. I didn’t like sharing my personal stuff. As I got older I opened up more. As I started to share my creativity through my photography someone mentioned something to me that stuck with me. She said to start sharing myself, my stories and I will connect with others, in turn that creates interest in turn visibility. As I delved deeper into my spirituality, life purpose and passion, I am continuing to open up more yet again. Such as I wrote a blog yesterday. I had an idea and knew I could write it in a different way but as I wrote, my story started to spill out onto the page. I know it has connected with others. I received a great compliment yesterday that I was reaching more people than I know. I certainly hope so.

  2. Great post, Leila. I often find myself asking younger professionals about the kind of personal brand they want to create and it is often the first time they realize their brand is not dependent on their job title.

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