3 Reasons You Should Check Your Brand’s Health ASAP

When was the last time you checked your brand’s health? Are you sure it’s performing as well as it could be? If you’re not doing a periodic product health check, then you won’t know if you’re missing out on revenue because your brand is underperforming.

Blog HeaderYou may just starting out a new business or career path and you really don’t know which way to go or You probably already and on the path you want and you have a mission statement, logo, a website, active on social media, an office etc but every time you look at all… you sort of cringe.
This could be very frustrating since you probably invested a lot of time and money into this brand or you are really counting on this new venture to succeed.
If you are no longer satisfied with your brand or you don’t know how to go about building one, signs are it’s time for a brand health check.

A brand check-up includes a complete audit of the Yourself, Your Vision, Your messaging, Your Identity. These are your brand’s vital signs. If one isn’t performing well, the entire brand won’t reach its potential or worse, it could fail.

What are the benefits of a brand audit?

Brand health checks or audits give business owners better insight into their brand and helps them to identify how they can improve their business. It is important to make sure your brand’s message and purpose continues to be strong and clearly communicated — it’s crucial for the profitability and value of your business!

By evaluating your brand and ensuring that it is effectively engaging with the right audience, brand health checks or audits give you vital information about the current position of your brand.

Reasons to Conduct a brand Health Check

In simplest terms, a brand health check is critical for these three reasons i learnt while building and running my shoe and accessory business;

#1 Your business is new and you’re in the process of establishing your brand goals and direction.

When you are just starting out as an entrepreneur the truth is our ideas don’t just suffice. there is the need to carry out a thorough assessment in and out to ensure the ideas and strategies you are about to use are appropriate for your brand.

#2 Your business growth is starting to stagnate.

The world is changing and so are you and your business as well. it can grow to a point of stagnation if you are unable to change with the times. A proper a frequent brand health check will avert such from happening. you will be quick to note areas where your brand needs help. Keeping your eyes and ears open will help you know when it is time to take action to make sure your business always stands out in the crowd.

#3 You don’t feel like your brand is strong at all.

The goal of branding is to ensure our brands stand out strong.  When you are in doubt about this, it is important to perform a brand health check or audit. It will help you recognize your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, create opportunities for improvement, and find new ways to help the business stay relevant and move forward. It also helps to determine how you can sharpen your image so that you stand out among your competitors.

Pinterest ImageWhats Next?

Regardless of where your business is at, getting a brand audit at regular periods will help keep your brand at its most impactful. Getting a brand audit done every one or two years is a great pace for most businesses.

Through a brand audit, you can get great look into the condition of your brand. You’ll have a solid idea of what you’re doing right, and what you can do to boost up weaker elements.

If you are interested in (re)branding  your business, my  BRAND AUDIT POWER HOUR session is a good place to start. I would love to spend an hour with you, reviewing your brand. We will walk thru 4 key aspects of your brand and assess them.

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