Thanks so much for visiting me here. It means a lot that you would take time from your busy life to read a little bit about mine. If there is anything at all you should know about me, it’s that I love Jesus and I love you.

I coach, write, and speak, not only to inspire learning individuals to unlock their potential, using holistic and innovative methods but i also inspire, empower and educate them on how to  clearly communicate their unique value, raise their visibility by connecting with their true selves and successfully realize their career and personal goals. I use my enthusiasm, forward thinking, and passion to help clients identify their uniqueness and use it to and take control of their careers and lives.

Having spent more than 10 years in broadcast journalism, media communications, public relations and event management and now Personal Branding there is so much I have come to know and am learning. That is what I will be sharing here.

I post every Thursday.