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“I want to take this time out to say a big THANK YOU for the lessons on personal branding. Been going through the workbooks (in the peace and quiet of my house) and I am discovering what I am passionate about. I have come to see my passion is not just writing, but Content Creation. I came to this realisation after going through the 3rd exercise in work book 1 (Yup, I went back to lesson 1 and will be going through all workbooks over again step by step). And it is really expanding my view and understanding of the service I want to provide. I have now realised that all the editing, proofreading and translation services I want to offer are all by-products of my love for content creation [and even magazines that I am passionate about are all about creating content for an audience to consume and, why not, act on the information provided in the magazine] So my desire now is, when I work on and launch my business, it should reflect the specific service “Content Creation”. This discovery thanks to the workbook has given me a focus on what to research on to build myself, or in terms of courses and webinars. Even what groups to join on LinkedIn and Facebook. Groups and courses that will help me develop the skill.

So, once again, THANK YOU.”

Lizzy T – CEO Writers Intel


“A beautifully smart and encouraging woman who teaches about passion and purpose. I love what she stands for. May the light in her soul reach yours as well.”

Heather Maria – Owner @ Heather Maria Photography


‘I look forward to Leila’s posts as they reveal great info & she knows has smarts. One recent post stood out for me & it was about living life. I see the key to living, really living life is to have a balance. Some people focus only on children, some business, some fun, some religion. Why not work to have a balance of important life interests? Leila can help you achieve this.’

Roslyn Tanner Evans – CEO @Earth and Moon Designs


« Leila est un coach formidable et unique en son genre très dévoués, passionnée par ce qu’ elle fait. J’ai assisté à une séance de formation de Leila Kigha intitulé Personnal branding et je vous encourage à y assister pour vous performer et développer le secteur marketing .de votre business ou de votre entreprise. »

Lawa Yolande – Entrepreneur


 “Leila is an awesome and amazing personal coach, I have worked with her over a year. She has mastery of her subject, and the authenticity and unique grasp of the subject, the way she delivers content is off the hook. A must connection y’all.”

Ella Tamufor – Impact investor, speaker, entrepreneur and life-transformation coach.


 “The brand course and blogs from Leila have really helped me build my fashion company in a unique way that represents me. I will always recommend people to attend and belong to the KARA community.”

Liz Ngwane – CEO & Creative Director MARGO’S MODE


“Working with Leila has enabled me reconnect with my personality, hence it reflects in my business. I’ve come to understand the value of people, starting with the way i see myself.”

Sandra Ekukole – CEO and Makeup Artist at Bihyouty

 “IT  was a trilling moment some months ago with Leila Kigha on The Brand Clarity Series”, No other lessons or experience has ever made me define my brand purpose, vision and mission with so much ease like the training session I had with Leila.
Thanks again to an amazing leadership and personal branding expert committed to making us better entrepreneurs”
Ethel Esabe – CEO Ethelsa Ceremonials



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