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BRAND CLARITY SESSION                                                                                                                       

The benefits of this one on one coaching program include a personalized experience in your discovery, and together creating the road map to getting you where you want to be. Through exercises and questions, we focus in on what it is you really want to achieve. Through this work you will gain confidence in yourself and your choices, an emphasis is put on the value of authenticity, preparation, and follow-through.

Whether you’re looking for more career or business opportunities, my Brand Clarity Session will give you clarity around your gifts and a strategy to get to the next level.

Personal branding is more important now than it has ever been. In today’s economy, whether you’re employed by a company or yourself, the competition is fierce. To be on the “short list” of people who come to mind when key opportunities arise, you have to stand out.  And in order to do so and become top of mind for decision makers, you first must take control of your messaging and begin to articulate your value.  In short, you must make a name for yourself. I’m excited to show you how.

During my signature personal brand clarity session, the following are just a few of the things you can expect to walk away with:

If you are Ready to Elevate Your Profile Within Your Industry, Position or Career:

  • clarity around your strengths and marketable skills
  • new language to describe your value to a potential employer
  • a personal marketing strategy to help you attract attention
  • tips for more effective networking and relationship building
  • a plan to step up and stand out from the crowd…

Are you frustrated because you know you have a gift…                                                            

Are you frustrated because you know you have a gift, but you just haven’t figured out how to package it and get it out into the world?  Have you tried to gain traction in your career search or around your services, but fallen flat because you just didn’t know how to go about marketing yourself? Do you ever think “If only more people knew about me and what I can do, I could really make an impact…”

If you’re tired of watching other people in your field who are not even half as talented as you get all of

the praise, awards, speaking gigs, promotions and clients it’s time to get strategic about building your brand. You too can own the spotlight.

Is this right for you?                                                                                                                                      

  • Do you feel that your messaging is unclear, and no one understands what exactly it is that you do or what you’re good at?
  • Do you need to stand out more in your field so that you can secure a promotion or a better position?
  • Do you have “a bunch of ideas” that you feel aren’t connected and you need help organizing and activating them?
  • Are you ready to take your brand to the next level and attract lucrative guest writing opps, speaking gigs and other exposure?
  • Even though you know you’re a total expert, do you feel not enough people know who you are?
  • Do you still need to develop a platform for your brand – a brand message, panel presentation /signature talk, etc.?

Making a name for yourself and becoming known for something is not as complicated as you may think. But it starts with a decision to invest in clarifying your brand and then leverage your skills and expertise.

If you are ready to realize your full potential, I can help you. Working together we will uncover your strengths, articulate your value and develop a plan to build your personal brand.

If you’re wondering about what special niche you can occupy, this package will help you uncover it.  During this session, we will work one on one to build your brand, develop your income stream and get clients lined up for your business.

What You Get                                                                                                                               

The Personal Brand Clarity Package includes:

  • a one-on-one 90minute brand strategy session
  • a copy of the Brand Clarity Workbook (5 self-study guides)
  • a 3o minute follow up session
  • a brand clarity Questionnaire prior to our work to uncover more about you before we begin working together
  • a brand strategy plan that includes my specific recommendations and proposals for your brand
  • a newfound clarity around your gifts and a strategy to make the most of your biggest untapped brand opportunity!


$500- $1500 (payable in two installments)


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